XALPEN - The curse of kwányep - 2CD-Slipcase

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Black Metal
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The curse of kwányep
Black Metal

This is our path through time and devotion, among living and dead, beyond the barriers of physical distance and far away from musical or spiritual stagnation.

XALPEN is a raw Black Metal band, channeling ritualistic vibrations within the Black Arts and the spiritual voyage through Ancient occult traditions. Euphoria, trance and demoniac commitment have taken form between the different hemispheres of the planet.

Two Chilean Demons: Juan Pablo Núñez (guitar & vocals) and Alvaro Lillo (bass & vocals), once again, manifest and complete their endeavor in all Music & Lyrics for a new XALPEN album & their second full-length:
“The Curse of Kwányep” (K´wányep Chenen)

Line-up for this album: KEYKRÒK (guitars & vocals) / TAREM-KELÁASH (bass & vocals) / KOCH-KEUL (drums).
* Drums on track 09 ("Moon-Woman") performed and recorded by E.Forcas.

With full devotion and dark convictions here is our channel and journey to the womb of absolute nothingness, here is the drink of Death and no food for the worldly ego.

Our work is a memorial to the past times and tradition of the ancestors (forgotten by many). Our art is an offering and sacrifice for the hungry gods of the underworld.

Our word is true and our shadow burns eternally in the transgressor black fire of the abyss.

This is also our walk across the fields of the living and our respect and honor for the realms of the dead.

To the undead magik of the Ancient Shamans and for the glory of the Dark Gods of Chaos!
~ X.C.B.M. ~

Tracklist 2CD:
01. K´Yewé (Intro)
02. Chenke (Place Of Death)
03. Kòlpèwsh (Serpents Dance)
04. The Curse Of Kwányep (Kwányep Chenen)
05. The Beast From The East (Wentek Kwakar)
06. Kash Wayèwèn Qèr (The Deep Speaking Of The Spirits)
07. Mah-Ká Xalpen (Offering Chant)
08. Daughters Of The Nightside (K´Qawq´N Kam)
09. Moon-Woman (Kre´-Naa)
10. Hain Koijn Harsho (Instrumental)
11. Diabolicca (Angeles Del Infierno Cover)(Bonus Track CD)

01. Devourer of Light (Ya´alwe Kar-t´en)
02. 1340
03. Dark Nights of Winter (On Stekenjhio’ joshckek)
04. Han K´win Saik (For those who have departed)
05. Among the Pillars of Death (Han On Outeken Chesk)
06. Tres Chamanes (Sawken Xo´on)
07. The Formidable Fumes of Hell-Fire (On Tohown Tahner On K´ar Xawqekyen)