THERION - Beyond Sanctorium ReRelease - CD

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ReRelease Beyond Sanctorium - CD
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Death Metal, Symphonic Metal

Der Re-Release von THERION "Beyond Sanctorium" erscheint als Jewelcase CD.


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"Beyond Sanctorium" released around the time when Death Metal was abandoning its primitive roots and going off into more complex territory. For anyone willing to take the time to really listen to music beneath surface level aesthetics, this is actually a surprisingly complex and rewarding listen. This album is light years ahead of their debut.



1. Future Consciousness
2. Pandemonic Outbreak
3. Cthulhu
4. Symphony of the Dead
5. Beyond Sanctorum
6. Enter the Depths of Eternal Darkness
7. Illusions of Life
8. The Way
9. Paths
10. Tyrants of the Damned (CD Bonustrack)

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Release Date 29.04.2022