PARASITARIO - Everythin belongs to death GREEN VINYL - LP

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Everythin belongs to death GREEN VINYL
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Death Metal

Osaka's rottenest Death Metal sickos are back, after two truly disgusting demos, finally with their long-awaited and smashing full-length debut album entitled 'Everything Belongs To Death'.
10 Songs, dynamic head-crushing Classic Death Metal highly recommended for fans of Death, Gorguts, Skeletal Remains and so on...
Responsible for the great artwork is nobody less than the amazing artist Dedy Badic Art (Skeletal Remains, Dehuman Reign..).

Track listing:

01. Devastated Earth 00:47 Min
02. Blizzard of Death 06:15 Min
03. Eroding Natures 04:06 Min
04. Demise of Humanity 03:14 Min
05. Devouring Parasites 04:16 Min
06. Purification of The Soul 04:30 Min
07. Hopeless Life 04:19 Min
08. Five to Die 03:55 Min
09. The Disaster 03:56 Min
10. ...And Into The Beautiful Death 02:14 Min

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