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The black stream
Death Metal

When darkness reaches out for your innermost emotions, you have to focus all your energy to escape “The Black Stream”.
The year is 1995 and all great melodic death metal tunes came from Sweden. Well, not entirely… A band from North Rhine-Westphalia was able to shake the metal underground – to this day. And their story continues: NIGHT IN GALES are ready to unveil their new album “The Black Stream” on 29th September via Apostasy Records.
With “The Black Stream” the five-piece continues to walk the path they set out on with “The Last Sunsets” and „Dawnlight Garden“, delivering the next melodic death metal masterpiece.
Tracks like ‘Tears Of Blood’, ‚Gone Forever‘, ‚Final Place‘ or ‚The Consciousless‘ strike unerringly into the nerve centre of every old school melodeath connoisseur. The album immediately transports you back to the glorious mid-90s, when bands like At The Gates, Dark Tranquility, Desultory and Dissection founded the subgenre.
NIGHT IN GALES once again worked with Dan Swanö (this man needs no introduction) who added the perfect sound to all 11 tracks with his mix and master. The artwork was also done by a well-known name in the worldwide metal-scene and also in the world of NIGHT IN GALES - Costin Chioreanu – who outdid himself once again.