In 2011, six fictional characters united under the leadership of front man Chrileon, to bring the dying heart of classical power metal back to life. With the spirit of STRATOVARIUS and RHAPSODY in their bags, they paid tribute to the old school sound of the 90s, yet brought a fresh and modern touch to the genre with their debut »Tales Of Ancient Prophecies« in 2014. A magical world full of myths, adventures and heroic sagas opened up, but the glorious reign of TWILIGHT FORCE has yet just begun. And after sealing a deal with Nuclear Blast in February, the band are now ready to unleash their second studio opus »Heroes Of Mighty Magic«, out August 26. Once again, the six warriors forged the twelve tracks in their own studio, the Twilight Forge. And being asked, what their loyal fans and castle inhabitants can expect from this album, the band show not only a great command of words, but also seek some support from their friendly neighbourhood dragon (c'mon, who wouldn't?).

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With their spectacular costumes being an amazing eye-catcher, the fearless fighters prove with frocks, flowing robes and elven ears that they impersonate every element of their music and spare no expense when it comes to bringing their own legends to life. Therefore it doesn't come as a surprise that this opus once again gathers magical stories about the fight between good and evil and the adventures of the Knights Of Twilight's Might.

In October, the heroes join forces with their label mates SONATA ARCTICA for a big European tour and those who still believe, that virtuosic Robin Hood metal isn't here to take over the metal scene, will be proven wrong. After listening to this new masterpiece, you might have to watch out for dragons banging against your window in full flight - but this collection of twelve high-speed hymns is exactly the fresh breeze that heavy metal needs in the year 2016.