HAMMERFALL - Hammer of dawn - BLACK VINYL - LP schwarz

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Hammer of dawn - BLACK VINYL - LP
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Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal

Das neue Album von HAMMERFALL "Hammer of dawn" erscheint als schwarze LP im Gatefold.


More Info:

Hammer Of Dawn presents the Swedish heavy metal spearhead HAMMERFALL in its brightest shining armor and is a proud adherence to their influential tradition. The album’s powerful production bristles with strength and gives its songs their hard-hitting extra punch!



Side A:
01. Brotherhood
02. Hammer of Dawn
03. No Son of Odin
04. Venerate Me
05. Reveries


Side B:
06. Too Old to Die Young
07. Not Today
08. Live Free or Die
09. State of the W.I.L.D.
10. No Mercy


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Release Date 25.02.2022