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TAX THE HEAT - Change your position BLACK VINYL
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Change is good. Change is important. Change is the enemy of stagnation, a vital means to keep things fresh, innovative and exciting. For TAX THE HEAT, ‘change’ means something else too. The title track of the acclaimed British band’s stunning new album, »Change Your Position«, sees them addressing the turbulent state of the world right now and the very real impact it is having on people. “It’s looking at division in society and people using it as an excuse to do wrong and say wrong,” says singer and guitarist Alex Veale. “It’s saying, ‘Look, change your position.’ It’s holding up a mirror to things.” Fittingly, »Change Your Position« - recorded once again with maverick producer Evansson - represents a huge leap forward for TAX THE HEAT, who are completed by guitarist JP Jacyshyn, bassist Antonio Angotti and drummer Jack Taylor.

The band recorded the new album at The Chairworks Studio in Castleford, West Yorkshire, with extra work done at Evansson’s own studio in Wiltshire. The bond that was initially forged with the producer on »Fed To The Lions« remains so strong that Alex and Jack call him “the extra member of TAX THE HEAT.” “We know we can rely on him, we know he brings such great energy to the table,” says Jack. TAX THE HEAT had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve with »Change Your Position«. The most important thing was that it captured the incendiary energy of their live shows. They insisted on recording it with all four members standing in one room, playing their instruments together, looking each other in the eye. “We primarily see ourselves as a live band,” says Jack. “That’s what we write the music for - to get out and play all these shows. That gives us a clear idea of how we want our songs to sound. And these songs were designed to be played live.”

For TAX THE HEAT, everything they do - the songs, the choruses, the style that gives them the kind of striking visual dimension every great band requires - comes down to one thing: the live experience. “The best part about music is seeing bands play live,” says Jack. “It’s what THE BEATLES and the STONES and those other great bands were doing back in the 60s. It’s what THE HIVES and THE BRONX and other electrifying live bands which inspired us more recently were doing. We’re creating music for people who want to go and experience that.” These aren’t just hollow words and empty gestures. With »Change Your Position«, TAX THE HEAT have delivered one of the greatest albums of the year. The future is safe in their hands.

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