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KAMPFAR Ofidians manifest GOLD VINYL

23,99 EUR

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KAMPFAR - Ofidians manifest GOLD VINYL
  • LP - 23,99 EUR
  • Numéro d'article:294880
  • Format:LP
  • Genre:Black Metal
  • Disponibilité:

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New version of the latest album by legendary Norse Black Metal band KAMPAR. Now pressed on gold vinyl.

De la presse:

“Ofidians Manifest ignites a beacon of Norwegian Black Metal between tradition and modernity…” Twilight , DE 12/15

“Winners of Norway’s ‘Spellemann’ Grammy award in 2015, Kampfar are a law unto themselves, so expect “Ofidians
Manifest” to be none the less, while excelling in both sophistication and plunging darkness” Battlehelm UK 5/5

«...this album will end up in Album of the Year lists” Zware metalen NL 88/100

“Masterpiece!” 10/10, Black Salvation, DE

“Album of the Month” 5/5, United Rock Nations, FR

“Never ones to follow any path but their own, fans old and new can rest assured that Kampfar have realigned themselves for the best, as this new album will surely encrust another jewel in the crown of their sterling career.” 5/5, Cryptic Rock, US

“I knew it would be great, but wow: I wasn’t expecting this!” 9,8/10, Zephyrs Odem, DE

“With ‘Ofidians Manifest’, Kampfar are a solid candidate to lead my year-end list.” 96/100, Musika, BE

“Ofidians Manifest is a definite contender for Album of the Year.” 9/10, Folk Metal, NL

«...overwhelming dominance!» 9/10, MetalHead, IT

"Ofidians Manifest is a fantastic black metal album.” 9/10, Kaaoszine, FI

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