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Bolt Thrower’s classic Earache debut (originally released in 1989) is now available again on (Full Dynamic Range) vinyl. Featuring 12 blistering tracks of the heaviest death metal – Coventry’s finest went on to have huge worldwide success after this critically acclaimed record. From the very earliest days of Earache Records, BBC National Radio's John Peel was a huge supporter of the Earache label and its extreme grind core bands. Peel first offered BOLT THROWER a session in 1988, and invited them back at the end of 1988 and again in 1990 to the hallowed Maida Vale studios that helped break the band to mainstream success.

Bolt Thrower have enjoyed a long and successful career and still tour and headline events worldwide such as the recent Damnation Festival in the UK.

Clear vinyl exclusive to Nuclear Blast mail order (Limited to just 500 copies)

Early in their career, John Peel Sessions and worldwide touring added to the bands credibility.

BOLT THROWER / Earache Discography:
MOSH 013CD Realm of Chaos
MOSH 029CD Warmaster
MOSH 070CD The Ivth Crusade
MOSH 120CD …For Victory
MOSH 208CD Who Dares Wins
MOSH555LP Live War
MOSH571CD Bolt Thrower - The Best OF Bolt Thrower

De la presse:

"1,000 times heavier and grittier than anything Slayer’s done." DECIBEL

"One of the most consistently crushing death metal bands of all time." TERRORIZER

Liste des titres
1. Intro
2. Eternal War
3. Through The Eye Of Terror
4. Dark Millennium
5. All That Remains
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