BOLT THROWER ...for victory

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BOLT THROWER - ...for victory
  • LP - 18,99 EUR
  • Numéro d'article:266211
  • Format:LP
  • Genre:Death Metal
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Pressed from the original master tapes! These vinyl albums have been specially recreated using ‘FDR’ – full dynamic range mastering – pressed from the original master tapes, allowing the music’s nuance to shine through and giving these classic albums a more ferocious and dynamic sound, enabling the listener to immerse themselves in the full audio heaviness.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - War (FULL DYNAMIC RANGE ) 1:16
2 - Remembrance (FULL DYNAMIC RANGE) 3:42
3 - When Glory Beckons (FULL DYNAMIC RANGE) 3:59
4 - ...For Victory (FULL DYNAMIC RANGE) 4:50
5 - Graven Image (FULL DYNAMIC RANGE) 3:59
6 - Lest We Forget (FULL DYNAMIC RANGE) 4:37
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