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THEATRE OF TRAGEDY - Forever is the world RED VINYL
  • 2LP - 22,99 EUR
  • Numéro d'article:271294
  • Format:2LP
  • Genre:Gothic, Symphonic Metal
  • Disponibilité:

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Plus d'info:

THEATRE OF TRAGEDY made music history in the mid-nineties with albums like “Velvet darkness they fear” and “Aegis”. Never before had a band combined a dark male voice with enchanting and bright female vocals to this extent. And no one could have guessed that this mixture would cause such a bright variety of dark and atmospheric shades that has made Gothic Rock/Metal so popular. THEATRE OF TRAGEDY will be, and has always been, unique.
“Forever Is The World”, originally released in 2009, continues right where “Storm” left off but without the use of electronic elements and with a more natural sound. Compared to “Storm” (which was a back to the roots album in many ways) the new piece of art nearly completely dismisses the electronic elements. You can witness mellow songwriting full of ideas, but much more back to the (Gothic) Rock base. The contrast of Nell´s and Raymond´s voices creates an amazing atmosphere throughout the whole album and underlines once again why the band is still the top act in their genre.
The album was recorded at Room 13 studios in Oslo with producer Alexander Møklebust (who has previously worked with Zeromancer, Seigmen, Monomen and Delaware, and others). Responsible for the mastering was Bjørn Engelmann (Cutting Room, Sweden).

Liste des titres
Side A:
01. Hide and Seek
02. A Nine Days Wonder
03. Revolution
Side B:
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