SAMAEL Era one / Lessons in magic #1 WHITE VINYL

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SAMAEL - Era one / Lessons in magic #1 WHITE VINYL
  • 2LP - 24,99 EUR
  • Numéro d'article:278533
  • Format:2LP
  • Genre:Ambient/Experimental, Black Metal, Gothic, Industrial Metal
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"Era one" is the 2006 album by Swiss metal act SAMAEL. This edition sees the album paired with ''Lesson in magic #1'', which consists of nine instrumental songs of electro/ambient music, making this a very interesting and unique release. Now available on limited edition coloured vinyl exclusivley for Record Store Day 2019.

De la presse:

Side A:
1. Era One
2. Universal Soul
3. Sound Of Galaxies
4. Beyond
5. Night Ride

Side B:
6. Diamond Drops
7. Home
8. Voyage
9. Above As Below
10. Koh-I-Noor

Side C:
11. Connexion
12. Reading Mind
13. Red Unction
14. Flying High
15. Overcome

Side D:
16. Inside Stairs
17. One With Everything
18. Silent Words
19. Wealth And Fortune

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