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  • Format:2LP
  • Genre:Industrial Metal
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Die schwarze Doppel-LP im Gatefold kommt inkl. sieben Bonustracks!

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MEGAHERZ have lit their fractious fire over and over in the last 25 years! With "Komet" these five friends dig deeper into their inner world – more emotional than ever before. Massive Neue Deutsche Härte-riffs and colorful synth-melodies tumble into a vortex of pain and loss and the intangibility of society's ignorance. Less fantasy, more questioning: "Who makes the difference?" ["Wer macht den Unterschied?"], they ask in “Heldengrab” as they hunt for responsibility in times that are often grey. For the first time MEGAHERZ showcase political songs like "Horrorclown" or "Nicht in meinem Namen". Between all these black stars we need courage; To find peace… even if there is no time to mourn the past. "Von oben" manages this with poignant lines - a song for the late father of guitarist Christian "X-ti" Bystron. "Komet" deals with honesty. It's a reminder to speak up when it’s needed; awakening responsibility for yourself and all descendants. "Komet" comes as jewelbox, limited 2CD digipak, 2LP gatefold as well as a deluxe fanbox including a bonus Live-CD.

Vocals - Alexander `Lex´ Wohnhaas
Guitar - Christian `X-ti´ Bystron
Guitar - Christoph Klinke
Bass - Werner `Wenz´ Weninger
Drums - Jürgen `Bam´ Wiehler

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Vorhang auf 3:56
2 - Komet 4:10
3 - Scherben bringen Glück 3:57
4 - Horrorclown 3:55
5 - Von oben 4:54
6 - Tiefenrausch 3:30
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Liste des titres Durée
1 - Jagdzeit (Live In Munich, Germany/2016) 5:10
2 - Glorreiche Zeiten (Live In Munich, Germany/2016) 4:17
3 - Roter Mond (Live In Munich, Germany/2016) 4:05
4 - Gegen den Wind (Live In Munich, Germany/2016) 5:22
5 - Himmelsstürmer (Live In Munich, Germany/2016) 5:04
6 - Für Immer (Live In Munich, Germany/2016) 4:22
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