Eleven burial masses

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CRADLE OF FILTH - Eleven burial masses
  • 2LP - 26,99 EUR
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  • Genre:Black Metal
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This edition of "Eleven Burial Masses" is presented on vinyl for the first time, on double 180gm vinyl.

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‘Eleven Burial Masses’ contains the classic Heavy Left Handed & Candid 'From Thrashers To Ashes' concert recorded on 14th April, 2001 at the legendary Rock City, Nottingham. Featuring tracks from early-mid period Cradle of Filth including well-established favourites such as ‘Summer Dying Fast’
& ‘Her Ghost in the Fog’, ‘Eleven Burial Masses’ captures the masters of metal mayhem in their element with The Filth’s distinctive brand of Black Metal extremity. Grammy nominated Cradle Of Filth have been pioneers of extreme music since their debut in 1994 and have continued to
evolve with each of their subsequent releases. Unafraid of ruffling a few feathers, the band have continually refused to bow to convention or to conform to prevalent trends and fads. Yet despite this uncompromising stance the band are still the most successful British heavy metal band since Iron Maiden, with legions of fans around the globe.

This edition of ‘Eleven Burial Masses’ is presented on vinyl for the first time, on double 180gm vinyl.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - The Ceremony Operns
2 - Lord Abortion
3 - Ebony Dressed for Sunset
4 - The Forest Whispers My Name
5 - Cthulhu Dawn
6 - Dusk and Her Embrace
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Liste des titres Durée
1 - Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids
2 - Her Ghost in the Fog
3 - Summer Dying Fast
4 - Creatures That Kissed in Cold Mirrors
5 - From the Creadle to Enslave
6 - Queen of Winter, Throned
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