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Trouver plus de ONKEL TOM

Double LP in a gatefold, printed inner sleeves, 180g, brown transparency vinyl, 4-pages poster booklet, 2 CDs in paper sleeve.

Plus d'info:

If you think of Onkel Tom, lyrics about boozy good times, beer and schnapps as a staple diet, the big thirst while listening to loud rock’n’roll music come to mind. The metal icon from the Ruhr has succeeded like no other in translating sophisticated drinking to a rock-laden experience without ever losing sight of the thin line between conscious enjoyment and excessive inebriation. “It’s about partying with friends, having fun, relaxing and downing the odd beer or two,” says Tom and explains the golden rule: “Of course you have to know how to handle your beer. The party always comes first, intoxication is a secondary aspect.” This maxim applies more than ever before to his new double album BierErnst. Twelve out of a total of 21 (!) songs see Tom Angelripper (Sodom) and his four comrades-in-arms – drummer Cornelius Rambadt, guitarists Marcel Mönnig and Klaus Nicodem and bassist Marc Beste – celebrate life itself and having a good time with friends. The other nine tracks are about a totally different subject matter – Tom himself refers to them as “songs full of passion for music, but also full of anger about people’s indifference that’s bound to destroy the world.” In accordance with their mood and lyrical content, the material features either on the Bier or Ernst CDs.
Bier presents Onkel Tom as we know him from his previous albums and furioso live shows. Titles such as ‘Ich steh` an der Bar und ich habe kein Geld’ (I’m standing at the bar and have no money), ‘Durst ist schlimmer als Heimweh’ (Thirst is worse than being homesick) and ‘Bier, Bier, Bier’ (the title is self-explanatory) speak for themselves and leave no doubt that there’s no shortage of ale. In addition to his rock adaptations of popular drinking and party ditties, Onkel Tom and his merry men have also recorded a dozen original songs. The reason? “On the one hand there are few drinking songs left that we haven’t translated into rock’n’roll. And on the other hand there’s an increasing number of subjects that we feel passionate about,” Tom confesses. “In addition, we feel challenged to prove that we can write strong material of our own.”
This ambition is unmistakably crowned by success, as particularly the opener of the Ernst CD proves: According to Tom, the first single release ‘Ich finde nur Metal geil’ (I’m only into metal), supported by an elaborate video clip, is the “ultimate anthem of the metal scene, a real hit. At the very latest after our show at Wacken, this number will really take off,” he reckons. The ballad ‘Jacky Cola’ (“an integral part of our tour rider and dedicated to Lemmy”) and the short but sweet ‘Prost’ (Cheers), which Onkel Tom and his gang play at the end of their shows, feature similar qualities. “You know the way it goes at the end of our shows: We invite people to join us on stage, party and sing with them, and in the end we’re all in each other’s arms. Cheers!”
But BierErnst also features altogether different, much more serious lyrics which are consciously caustic and critical. “We’re insubordinate and say: We don’t like that!” Tom explains the content of ‘Todgeweiht’ (Doomed), ‘Von Arschlöchern für Arschlöcher’ (From arseholes for arseholes) and ‘Ich muss hier raus’ (I’ve got to get out of here). Other tracks present the band from their more ponderous (‘Das blaue Buch des Lebens’ [The blue book of life]) and cautionary (‘Auf dünnem Eis’ [On thin ice]) side. The Ernst CD is rounded off by a hot cover version of the Extrabreit classic ‘Polizisten’ [Policemen]. “We all mourn the eighties a little because they stand for a really cool time in music history,” Tom confesses. “Extrabreit were considered to be part of the Neue Deutsche Welle scene back then, but in fact they’re a rock band. And ‘Polizisten’ was the anthem for me.”
No doubt about it: There’s a lot to discover on BierErnst, which is scheduled for release on 28 September 2018 on Steamhammer/SPV and will be available on DigiPak double CD, double vinyl LP (gatefold) and for digital download. By the way: the album’s thematic split is also expressed in an unusual split screen front cover: On the one side you see the musicians leaning coolly against a wall, on the other they’re showered with beer. Tom: “Plus the vinyl LP comes in a Diebels Alt or Jack Daniels brown.” BierErnst obviously has real cult potential.

Tom Angelripper – vocals
Celli – guitar
Klaus Dicodem - guitar
Marc Beste – bass
Corny - drums

Disc 1
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Ich Steh' An Der Bar Und Hab Kein Geld 2:12
2 - Flasche Zu Flasche 4:26
3 - Wir Trinken Wenig 3:05
4 - Bier, Bier, Bier Ist Die Seele Vom Klavier 2:09
5 - Durst Ist Schlimmer Als Heimweh 3:53
6 - Hätten Wir Lieber Das Geld Vergraben.. 3:11
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Disc 2
Liste des titres Durée
1 - Ich Finde Nur Metal Geil 5:19
2 - Todgeweiht 3:45
3 - Ich Muss Hier Raus 3:44
4 - Egal 4:16
5 - Von Arschlöchern Für Arschlöcher 5:05
6 - Zwischen Emscher & Lippe 5:45
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