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Die "Quadra" Deluxe Edition kommt als 36-seitiges Earbook inkl. "Alive in Brazil - 30 Year Anniversary Concert" als Bonus-CD und der 94-minütigen "Endurance" Bonus-Blu-ray (FullHD 1080p 24fps, Audio: PCM Stereo + PCM Surround 5.1, Region: All, englische und spanische Untertitel, FSK 6), der Doku über die Geschickte von SEPULTURA mit vielen historischen Aufnahmen und Ausschintten von div. Liveshows plus ausführlichen Interviews mit allen Band-Mitgliedern, Lars Ulrich, Corey Taylor, Phil Anselmo, Scott Ian, Phil Campbell, Ross Robinson, Dave Ellefson und vielen anderen mehr.

Plus d'info:

It goes without saying that the global metal scene would not be the same without SEPULTURA. For 35 years now, the Brazilian icons are not only a band revered worldwide; they have been, are and forever will be at the very forefront of Thrash Metal, trailblazing ever since they released their long-since legendary debut album “Morbid Visions” in 1986.

While quickly establishing themselves as leaders of the second wave of Thrash already in the late eighties, to this day they never came even close to stagnation. “Quadra”, their mighty new undertaking, is proof of a will unbroken, a thirst unquenched and a quality so staggeringly high it’s a wonder this band doesn’t implode. Now three albums deep into what may very well be their strongest incarnation yet – uniting the talents of old-school members Andreas Kisser (guitars, vocals) and Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr. (bass), vocal force of nature Derrick Leon Green (vocals) and drummer Eloy Casagrande – SEPULTURA are an unleashed power to be reckoned with, uniting bucketloads of experience and youthful vigour in a totally revived way.

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Album CD
01. Isolation
02. Means To An End
03. Last Time
04. Capital Enslavement
05. Ali
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