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BEHEMOTH Marino Claudio: Adam the apostate

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BEHEMOTH - Marino Claudio: Adam the apostate
  • DVD - 15,99 EUR
  • Numéro d'article:299458
  • Format:DVD
  • Genre:Black Metal
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An expansive filmic biography of Adam "Nergal" Darski, many-faced leader of extreme metal band BEHEMOTH, covering his humble beginnings in Cold-war Poland, rise to musical excellence and fame as well as successful fights against both cancer and dubious legal prosecution.

Plus d'info:

A look into the life of one of the most controversial figure in extreme music today

In the realm of contemporary music, Adam "Nergal" Darski surely needs no further introduction. Yet the guitarist and singer has even made inroads into general pop culture and shaped social discourse, all the while not moving away an iota from the underground ethos his ongoing career is based on.
Rising from his humble beginnings in Cold-war Poland to global fame with his band BEHEMOTH, striving for musical excellence throughout the ignominies of life-threatening illness and dubious legal battles, staying deeply spiritual and focused during even the most casual appearances in mundane limelight, it is safe to say the 1977-born has many faces, the sum of which defies categorization. Satanist or dexterous money spinner? Academically certified historian or shallow media figure? Inspired and inspiring spokesperson of a generation or mere agent provocateur? Make your guesses …
Now with a degree of success that is matchless in extreme heavy metal as one of the most vicious fields of art, diverse business ventures and public roles, after conquering leukaemia, becoming the subject of not one but two biographical books and making a case in court for freedom of both speech as well as religious belief, the renaissance man opens up for a candid, unapologetic portrait of the multi headed beast that he is.

De la presse:

"The best new music doc I’ve seen this year!"
- Tobias Forge (GHOST)

"Claudio has again proven to be a beacon of limitless proportions."
- Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING)

"Simply one of the best documentaries you’ll ever see, loved every minute!"
- Gary Holt (SLAYER, EXODUS)

"Claudio is a master of dark and elegant story-telling"
- Erik Danielsson (WATAIN)

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