DELAIN Lunar prelude

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DELAIN - Lunar prelude
  • Mini-CD-Digi - 5,99 EUR
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  • Format:Mini-CD-Digi
  • Genre:Gothic, Symphonic Metal
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"Lunar Prelude", mastered by Grammy Award winning Ted Jensen, offers two brand new songs in the shape of the beyond catchy ‘Suckerpunch‘ and the melancholic ‘Turn The Lights Out‘. ‘Don`t Let Go‘ (taken from 2014`s The Human Contradiction) comes in a brand new version, while the EP also contains four incredible live cuts, as well as an orchestral reprise of ‘Suckerpunch‘, all of which proving once again how DELAIN are blatantly known for their extremely catchy hooks, bewitching melodies, symphonic bombast, and of course a good solid dose of Metal! DELAIN have concocted a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of emotions, and with the EP title featuring the tell-tale word "Prelude", our hunger is left to grow for a next full-length album...coming in 2016!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Suckerpunch 4:10
2 - Turn The Lights Out 4:15
3 - Don't Let Go 3:57
4 - Lullaby (Live In Germany/2015) 5:16
5 - Stardust (Live In Germany/2015) 4:15
6 - Here Come The Vultures (Live In Germany/2015) 5:42
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