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WIZO - Anderster
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L'album d'adieu de WIZO s'appelle ainsi parce qu'il est encore plus différent qu'il n'aurait dû l'être……..

Plus d'info:

+++ News from WIZO! +++

The new WIZO album "anderster" was released yesterday,
Monday, November 1st 2004 on HULK RÄCKORZ/SPV/Germany.
The vinyl version will be available by the mid of november.
"anderster" contains 14 songs with different historys of
origin and recording. Our farewell gift to you was supposed
to be different, but yet became even "differenter"
(="anderster"). We decidet, not to do any promotional
activities (interviews, adds or freebies etc.) except
this mail to all subscribers of our newsletter plus the
announcement on our websites.

WIZO will stop beeing a real existing band after the tour
in march 2005. We rather concentrate on remaining
"the legend of the glorious nineties" in the minds of our
fans. Axel Kurth, head of the band decidet to leave WIZO
as a part of his musical work behind: "After 18 years of
fun, stress and scandals with WIZO, the concept of a
"punkrockband" finally became to reactionary and to boring
for me. Punk stays my way of life, time for new things."

The big WIZO farewell tour starts January 13th, 2005, ends
at the beginning of march and brings us all over Germany,
Austria and Switzerland. This is going to be the final
chance to see us play live ever.
Special guests: "Rock'n'Roll Stormtropers", our old pals
from Sindelfingen.
All confirmed tourdates will be sent to you in a WIZOMAIL
and can be found at http://www.wizo.de

We had a lot of fun with our little idea. You guys were
ordering like crazy. Our folks at HULK were totaly
overrun by a couple of thousand orders from all over the
world! The limited edition is almost sold out, if you want
your copy of this legendary first USB-MUSIC-STICK, please
hurry up: http://www.hulkshop.de

After the first flood of orders, we sent out a little
press info about the "STICK-EP" to some media dudes.
I'm to lazy, to translate all the things, that happened
afterwards, just believe me, there was some crazy shit
happening over here. TV stations, computer magazines and
serious newsletters were discussing our new form of music
marketing as if we were some sort of new messiah.
We decidet, not to give anymore statements and preferred to
watch and enjoy the strange developement, everything took.
In case you're really want to know what happened, just
google for "STICK-EP"

Goes out to more than 35.000 people who signed up on our
mailinglist the past four years.
Thank you for your interest!

WIZOMAIL is a newsletter from WIZO to our fans.

Und hier die Dates:
Fr, 14.1. A- Feldkirch: Hallenbad
Sa, 15.1. CH-Zürich : Volkshaus
So, 16.1. CH-Olten: Schützi Leech
Mo, 17.1 Rosenfeld-Isingen: Sporthalle
Do, 20.1. Ingolstadt: Ohrakel
Fr, 21.1. I-Bozen: KU.BO
Sa, 22.1. Wörgl: Komma
So, 23.1. München: Elserhalle
Do, 27.1. A-Traun, Spinnerei
Sa, 29.1. H-Budapest: A38
So, 30.1. A-Hollabrunn, Alter Schlachthof
Mo, 31.1. A-Wien, Arena
Di, 1.2. A-Wien, Arena
Do, 3.2. Lahr: Universal D.O.G
Fr, 4.2. Nürnberg: Z-Bau-Halle
Sa, 5.2. Speyer: Halle 101
So, 6.2. Hanau: Halle 2
Di, 8.2. Erfurt: Spot
Mi, 9.2. Chemnitz: Talschock
Do, 10.2. Kassel: Spot
Sa, 12.2. Saarburg: Stadthalle
So, 13.2. Pirmasens: Club
Di, 15.2. Osnabrück: Hyde Park
Mi, 16.2. Gütersloh: Weberei
Do, 17.2. Soest: Alter Schlachthof
Fr. 18.2. Krefeld: Kufa
So, 20.2. Essen: Zeche Carl
Mo, 21.2. Köln: Live Music Hall
Mi, 23.2 Kiel: Pumpe
Do, 24.2. Hamburg: Markthalle
Fr. 25.2. Magdeburg: Zyrikclub
Sa, 26.2. Cottbus: Gladhouse
Mo, 28.2. Berlin: So36
Di, 1.3. Leipzig: Werk II
Mi, 2.3. Fulda: Kreuz
Do, 4.3. Stuttgart: LKA
Fr, 4.3. Stuttgart: LKA

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Kopf ab, Schwanz ab, Has! 1:13
2 - Nana 2:26
3 - Jimmy 4:19
4 - Unsichtbare Frau 2:40
5 - Kleines Missgestück 2:46
6 - Der lustige Tagedieb 3:20
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