TANKARD The beauty and the beer

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TANKARD - The beauty and the beer
  • CD - 9,99 EUR
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  • Genre:Thrash Metal
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New drinking orgy from Frankfurt's loudest band!

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Again an excellent and very typical album of the cult thrashers from Frankfurt/Germany
Extremely strong song material with hit potential within the scene (?The Beauty And The Beast?, ?We Still Drink The Old Ways?,?Frankfurt: We Need More Beer?, ?Metaltometal?)
Limited edition as digi-book including 1 videoclip!
TANKARD can hold and improve their traditionally high standard with ?The Beauty And The Beer?and show themselves innovative and fresh even after almost 25 years
Spectacular and funny videclip for ?The Beauty And The Beast?, that has been e.g. shot in the whirlpool of a red light district-house in Frankfurt and that underlines the unique and sympathic character of the band further
Traditionally high interest from the media in the band, their uniqueness and their cult character Advertisements and samplertracks in all relevant magazines (Rock Hard, Metal Hammer, Legacy etc.) Extensive club promotion with track and video clip ?The Beauty And The Beast?
Spectacular give away contests during which you will be able to win e.g. a whirlpool evening with the band or a day in the football stadium of Eintracht Frankurt Big presentation ? reviews, soundchecks, pre-stories and interviews ? in all relevant magazines

Liste des titres Durée
1 - We still drink the old ways (Full Version For Radio & Clubs) 4:05
2 - The beauty and the beast (Full Version For Radio & Clubs) 6:06
3 - Ice-Olation 4:17
4 - We still drink the old ways 3:12
5 - Forsaken world 3:54
6 - Rockstars No. 1 3:12
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