STASS The darkside

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STASS - The darkside
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  • Genre:Black Metal, Death Metal, Gothic
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Collaborative album that showcases both the heavy and the dark sides to both their main bands CREMATORY and PAGANIZER.

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STASS was formed after Felix and Rogga met at a Paganizer gig in Germany 2012.
Paganizer was playing a minitour and at a gig in Ludwigshafen near Mannheim where Felix resides, they bumped into each other.
Sharing a mutal love for metal and drinking aswell as eating, there couldnt be much question that they would enjoy each other?s company.
After keeping in touch and Felix guesting on a song on the second Megascavenger album they both thought it would be cool to work on a whole album together, combining their talents in the best possible way.
And then the idea of STASS was born.
To make an album together that showcases both the heavy and the dark and also the melodic sides to both their main bands Crematory and Paganizer.
A total of fifteen songs were written and recorded and produced by Demiurg bassplayer Johan Berglund, who also plays bass on the album.
On lead guitars Paganizers Kjetil Lynghaug stepped in and excels in some awesome solowork.
The album that contains ten of the fifteen written songs is a vortex of melodic dark death metal, oozing of the vibe and the voice of Crematory but merged with the heaviness of Swedish death metal.

For fans of Amon Amarth, Obituary, Paganizer and Crematory

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Warriors land 4:01
2 - Crawling from ashes 3:30
3 - The final disease 3:32
4 - Forever blind 3:29
5 - Angel of doom 5:56
6 - All roads lead to hell 3:35
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