SEVEN KINGDOMS Brothers of the night

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SEVEN KINGDOMS - Brothers of the night
  • CD - 6,99 EUR
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  • Genre:Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal
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This is the first album put out independently in 2007. This album features the Original Singer, Bryan Edwards, and the album exclusive Power/Death metal sound. This album was recorded as a project right out of high school by Camden Cruz. Seven Kingdoms began their career shortly after this album was recorded with Kevin and Keith Byrd joining to start playing live shows alongside bassist at the time, Cory Stene. This album was recorded at Camden’s small home studio and then finished at Morrisound with Jim Morris for partial mixing and then mastering. This album has a small cult following as it sounds much different than the rest of the discography.

Sabrina Valentine - Vocals
Camden Cruz - Guitar
Kevin Byrd - Guitar
Keith Byrd - Drums
Aaron Sluss - Bass

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Eyes Of Summer 4:27
2 - Stormborn 4:04
3 - We Do Not Sow 5:21
4 - Blackwater Rush 7:10
5 - The Bloody Meadow 7:50
6 - Dragonflight 5:11
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