MILKING THE GOATMACHINE Greatest hits - Covered in milk

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MILKING THE GOATMACHINE - Greatest hits - Covered in milk
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  • Genre:Death Metal, Grindcore
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Du bon temps en perspective!

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If they aren`t busy surfing Goataragua, extraterrestrials MILKING THE GOATMACHINE usually indulge in the following: blast out deathgrind til the vet whips out the shots!!! Hailing from planet GoatEborg where all creatures happen to have a goatlike behaviour and/or appearance, MILKING THE GOATMACHINE were founded in 2008 by Goatfreed and Goatleeb Udder. They came to planet Earth to spread the word of Goatgrind. Together with NoiseArt Records the band is pursuing grinding world domination!

The 2009 debut „Back From The Goats“ was the first step and established anthems like ‘Surf Goataragua‘ or ‘Sour Milk Boogie‘. The follow-up „Seven…A Dinner For One“ brought us the battle cry for all fans of interspecies love affairs: DING DÖNG MOTHERFUCKER!

What became evident on these two albums and „Clockwork Udder“ (2011) and „Stallzeit“ (2013) was the fact that MILKING THE GOATMACHINE love cover versions! So do their fans: goatgrind versions of tracks by SACRED REICH, JAMES BROWN or MOTÖRHEAD are always smashers as part of the live set. So why not release an album stuffed with cover versions only?

Enter „Greatest Hits - Covered In Milk“! Here, the band covers evergreens by non-metal acts such as BILLY IDOL, ALPHAVILLE, ZZ TOP or the SISTERS OF MERCY! Goatfreed explains: „We love adapting other songs to our style. Songs from other genres are a much bigger challenge than doing a metal cover of a metal song. The hardest part is though that these songs usually live off of the vocal melodies. We don`t have those and therefore have to try to make the song entertaining anyway. I think we did a good job by employing tempi changes, beats and various vocal techniques the original usually doesn`t have.”
Of course this basically begs for a tour that MILKING THE GOATMACHINE already have in the works: „We planned a tour with a special set that includes the best tracks from “Covered In Milk” and of course our own “hits”. The tour will kick off close to the release date March 28th. And we`re also looking forward to the festival season when we`ll play at OUT AND LOUD and WITH FULL FORCE festival!”

Goatfreed Udder - Guitar/Bass
Goatleeb Udder - Drums/Vocals
Lazarus Hoove - Live-Guitar
Steve Shedaway - Live-Bass

2009 Back From The Goats…
2010 Seven… a dinner for one
2011 Clockwork Udder
2013 Stallzeit
2014 Greatest Hits – Covered in Milk

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Ma Baker 3:11
2 - Hymn 3:49
3 - Bad Case Of Loving You 3:05
4 - Ohne Krimi geht die Mimi nie ins Bett 2:21
5 - Hip To Be Square 2:55
6 - Temple Of Love 3:20
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