MANOWAR The final battle I

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MANOWAR - The final battle I
  • CD - 12,99 EUR
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  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal
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Flying the flags of honor and courage, the brotherhood of True Metal will charge into "The final battle"!

Plus d'info:

The wait is over! MANOWAR have finally confirmed the impending release of an EP comprised of eagerly awaited brand new material! The Final Battle I is guaranteed to blow your speakers and your heads off with a whirlwind of crushing sonic destruction, orchestral majesty and epic, pulverizing insanity.
The first of three parts which will constitute the highly anticipated new MANOWAR album, this EP is destined to go down in heavy metal history as one of the most insanely epic releases of all time. An imperious demonstration of the band’s undisputed mastery of both skull-crushing metal anthems and extraordinary feats of symphonic bombast, these four new molten metal tracks have been inspired by MANOWAR's "The Final Battle World Tour" and fueled
by the support and energy of their fans.

De la presse:

1. March Of The Heroes Into Valhalla
2. Blood And Steel
3. Sword Of The Highlands
4. You Shall Die Before I Die

Liste des titres Durée
1 - March of the heroes into Valhalla 2:39
2 - Blood and steel 4:42
3 - Sword of the highlands 5:59
4 - You shall die before I die 6:08
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