MANOWAR Into glory ride - Imperial Edition MMXIX

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MANOWAR - Into glory ride - Imperial Edition MMXIX
  • CD - 15,99 EUR
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  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Heavy/True/Power/Speed Metal
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"Into glory ride" Imperial Edition MMXIX (Remixed/Remastered).

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Back in ’83, MANOWAR released their second album: "Into Glory Ride", and this stood apart from everything else that was happening in music: an imperious statement of metallic intent from a band with no fear and a lust for glory, but also one of the most brutal, raw and punishing records ever released. Admittedly, "Into Glory Ride's" savage sonic qualities stemmed primarily from the fact that MANOWAR ran out of time in the studio and were forced to salvage the sessions with a one-off, high velocity mixdown.
But setbacks often lead to unexpected magic, and the result of the band’s thwarted endeavours was that "Into Glory Ride" simply slayed: vicious, unrelenting and heavier than Hell’s gates.
Revisiting these beloved songs in this new, enhanced form is guaranteed to be a thrilling experience for die-hard fans; but imagine hearing "Into Glory Ride! for the first time... and it sounds like THIS! Being utterly pulverised has never felt so good.
Fans old and new, play this masterpiece louder than hell. This is heavy fucking metal in its purest form, now and forevermore. The ride to glory never ends!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Warlord (Remixed/Remastered 2019) 4:33
2 - Secret of steel (Remixed/Remastered 2019) 6:12
3 - Gloves of metal (Remixed/Remastered 2019) 5:38
4 - Gates of Valhalla (Remixed/Remastered 2019) 7:18
5 - Hatred (Remixed/Remastered 2019) 7:55
6 - Revelation (Death's angel) (Remixed/Remastered 2019) 6:41
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