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Trouver plus de LOST WORLD ORDER

Bay Area meets Ruhrpott!

Plus d'info:

With their new album „Tyrants“, LOST WORLD ORDER finalize their endtime-trilogy that was started with „Marauders“ and continued with „Parasites“. The end of the world has come, and LOST WORLD ORDER are the prophets of ruin in a disturbing dystopia.

The band was founded in 2008, gained a wide fanbase with the free download of „Marauders“ and even raised it with „Parasites” with the CD-version released via GoodDamn Records.

Besides the aggressive riffs, which are situated somewhere between classic Bay Area and German Ruhr area, the impulsive drumming and the pumping basslines, there are twin guitar leads with NWOBHM-vibes, modern walls of sound and catchy chorus lines. The vocals set priorities from Thrash-shouting over growls to dark clear singing.

The production of the album is transparent and brutal yet absolutely natural. The band recorded the basics to the album live at the Soundlodge-studio, which is underlined by the energetic performance. Jörg Uken perfectly caught the essence of the band and created a modern, non-artificial sound.

The lyrical concept is definitely ending this time in all consequence. In a dark endtime-scenario the remains of humanity fight each other until there is only one last soldier left who mourns his fate on the battlefield. Before this takes place, the tyrants rise and start their reign of terror, enslave the degenerated humanity and enrich themselves with the remains of a long forgotten civilization. Their only adversary is the mysterious “Lost World Order”, a secret society, which played a big role on the band’s former albums, too. In the end, two armies meet in a final desperate battle.

“Tyrants” is the consequent development of the band’s sound and won’t disappoint anybody who is willing to take a look beyond his own nose.

This Apparatus Must Be Earthed! (CD/LP) (2008)
Marauders (CD/LP) (2009)
Parasites (CD/LP) (2012)
Tyrants (CD/LP) (2016)

Liste des titres
1. Vorwärts!
2. Combat Zone
3. Freakshow
4. Tyrant
5. Mutual Hypocrisy
6. A Hell Worth Living In
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