LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES When we don't exist

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LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES - When we don't exist
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  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Metalcore/Deathcore
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Le premier pressing limité vient dans une couverture et incluant des bonustracks.

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News from Ohio. LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES is the name of the newest addition to the Nuclear Blast family. The five piece has massively stepped up again since the release of their highly acclaimed 2010 EP »Sweet Talker«! Their newest effort »When We Don't Exist« offers more brutality, more aggression, more riffs, more breakdowns and a whole lot more really disturbing vocals. Singer Chris Roetter comments on the albums title: „It is meant to convey the idea of not "existing" the way that we have before: Not being yourself anymore, not believing what you used to believe, not feeling how you used to feel.”

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1 - The Worst In Me 4:14
2 - GNF 2:57
3 - No Hope 3:10
4 - You Won't Be Missed 3:11
5 - Faithless Living 3:16
6 - Your Existence 3:03
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