The elders' realm

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KAMBRIUM - The elders' realm
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Epischer Melodic Death mit Biss und Bombast!

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KAMBRIUM are not bound by stereotypes within the metal genre; they prefer instead to tread between these expectations and find themselves equally and comfortably at home within each of the styles that they have chosen to embrace.
The result is a sound, crafted with elements of death, melodic and symphonic metal – everything the heart of a metal fan desires. Originating from Helmstedt in Germany, the otherwise quiet town conceals an atmospheric band climbing to ever
greater heights. Having already shared the same stage with established acts such as Ensiferum, Destruction, and Suidakra, Kambrium have accrued both domestic and international experience, and love nothing more than to leave their audience
feeling both satisfied and exhausted from headbanging or singing along.
Following on from ‚Shadowpath (2011) ‚ and ‚Dark Reveries (2013)‘, Kambrium are now back with their anticipated third album. ‚The Elders‘ Realm‘ is set to be released on July 29th via NoiseArt Records and showcases an atmospheric progression in
their style, with the familiar orchestrations, catchy riffs and immense breakdowns.
Thomas Winkler (Gloryhammer) returns once again to contribute his vocals for a notable appearance on the album‘s title track. Another honourable mention is bestowed to Henrik Osterloh (Deny the Urge, Headshot) for his graceful guitar solo on
the album‘s finalé: the thirteen minute epic ‚Furious Decay of a Dying World‘. Felipe Machado, known for his artwork for bands such as Rhapsody, Blind Guardian and Xandria, has provided his talent for the album‘s cover with an incarnation of the album‘
s main villain: the Sea Witch. ‚The Elders‘ Realm‘ was recorded in two locations: the Overlodge Studio with the assistance of Martin Schnella (Flaming Row) and at Studio Greywolf by Charles Greywolf (Powerwolf), whom also mastered the album.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Abyssal Streams 7:39
2 - Through Shades And Despair 7:00
3 - Conjure The Lost 4:31
4 - The Elders' Realm 4:59
5 - Shattered Illusions 4:42
6 - Colossus Of The Seas 5:34
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