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  • Genre:Death Metal, Metalcore/Deathcore
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Crossover de death mélodique et de hardcore groovy.

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HEAVEN SHALL BURN are here with their new masterpiece Antigone. Fiery and stunning, it knocks you off your feet and simply blows your mind.
After an MCD entitled “In Battle...” and a split-LP with Fall of Serenity, Germany’s HEAVEN SHALL BURN signed to Lifeforce Records/Impression Music for their 2000 debut album “Asunder”. It was followed by a split-CD with their long-time friends Caliban in 2000 as well as 2002's album “Whatever It May Take” which was acknowledged by fans and media within both worlds – the metal and hardcore scenes. Ever since their early days HEAVEN SHALL BURN have been called a hybrid of bands like Earth Crisis, At The Gates or Bolt Thrower, which underlines the fact that the band is all about uniting the finest from death metal and hardcore styles. The result is a musically irresistible combination, lyrically exposing a very dedicated, socially aware and politically committed attitude. Produced by Patrick W. Engel, engineered by Ralf Müller at Rape Of Harmony Studios, Germany as well as mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studio, Denmark (Born From Pain, Mnemic, Hatesphere, etc.), this new monster of an album gravitates towards their more melodic edge by including more harmonies but never loses its devouring brutal edge. The melodic dual guitar hook-lines hailing from Scandinavia appear even more often than before and are combined with a fat double-bass groove that adds a brutal contrast to the heavy mosh parts. Reinforcing their reputation of being an extremely powerful live-act, some of HEAVEN SHALL BURN's touring highlights in their young career include a European tour in 2001, a South American tour and UK mini-tour in 2002, two successful visits to Iceland in 2002 and 2003 as well as trips to countries like Greece, Norway and Denmark. There were also devastating appearances at German festivals like Party-San, With Full Force, Westfalen Festival, Wacken Open Air or Summer Breeze as well as Ieper Fest (Belgium), Goodlife Festival (Belgium) and Fluff Fest (Czech Republic). Thus, be sure to catch HEAVEN SHALL BURN on one of the shows they are already working on for 2004. In its initial European pressing “Antigone” (the title was inspired by the character Antigone from the classic Greek drama) will be a limited edition with special slip-case packaging that includes two bonus cover-tracks (“Dislocation” by Disembodied and “Not My God” by Hate Squad).
The unity of melodic death metal and crushing metalcore has never been as uncompromising as with “Antigone”.

Line Up:
Marcus Bischoff – vocals
Patrick Schleitzer – lead guitars
Maik Weichert – lead guitars
Eric Bischoff – bass
Matthias Voigt – drums

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Echoes 1:29
2 - The Weapon They Fear 4:38
3 - The only truth 4:29
4 - Architects of the apocalypse 4:01
5 - Voice of the voiceless 4:52
6 - Numbing the pain 5:36
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