A head full of moonlight

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GOOD TIGER - A head full of moonlight
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Modern progressive masterpiece feat. (former) members of TESSERACT, ARCITECTS, THE SAFETY FIRE & THE FACELESS. European edition feat. two exclusive bonus tracks.

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Good Tiger was formed in 2015 by guitarists Derya "Dez" Nagle and Joaquin "Jo" Ardiles. Dez enlisted some of the pair's most talented friends to complete the lineup: vocalist Elliot Coleman, drummer Alex Rüdinger, and bassist Morgan Sinclair. The group was intent on recording this album on their own, and announced the band to the world through a crowdfunding campaign. For a brand new band, this was a fairly risky move, but in less than 24 hours, they had raised over $18,000. By the end of their campaign this figure rose to a staggering $45,980. That sum served as a resounding endorsement from fans that, yes, they were just as excited for this new project as the band themselves.

Each of these musicians have a history of performing within the rock and metal genre, with notable acts including: Tesseract (Coleman), Architects UK (Sinclair), The Safety Fire (Nagle and Ardiles), The Faceless, Conquering Dystopia, and more (Rüdinger). What these credits really highlight is that this band has the collective experience in both songwriting and live performance departments years beyond that of any typical "new" band. In fact, Dez specifically notes that "this project, more than anything else, is focused on the live element, and making sure those aspects really come across on both our recordings and on stage. These songs were written to be enjoyed live."

The result is dynamic, exciting, heavy rock music, for the lack of a better term, played by accomplished musicians. Each member's prowess is clearly on display while playing for the sake of the song rather than boastful musical technicality.

An exclamation point on the band's successful introduction to the world happened in early 2016, with the announcement of their first North American tour with Between the Buried and Me, and their signing with Blacklight Media, the brand new imprint from Metal Blade Records. Blacklight Media was founded by celebrity chef Chris Santos in collaboration with Metal Blade Records CEO Brian Slagel. It goes without saying, but the future of this band stands to be an exceptionally bright one.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Where are the birds 3:31
2 - Snake oil 3:39
3 - Enjoy the rain 3:41
4 - I paint what I see 3:42
5 - Aspirations 3:35
6 - Latchkey kids 4:24
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