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Die limitierte Special Edition von "Minotaur" kommt im Schuber mit abweichendem Artwork inkl. Bonustrack (ACHTUNG: der Bonustrack ist leider nicht auf der Jewelcase-Rückseite gelistet und es können auch nicht alle Tracks im CD-Player angewählt werden können, da versch. Titel bzw. Intros in die nachfolgenden Songs übergehen)

Plus d'info:

These 4 Swiss metalheads reborn in 2009 and hold the Heavy Metal flag at the highest level and in such an innovative and multifaceted in the amount that will come at any Metal fan.
After releasing five Album's and constantly touring through Europe, Japan and even Brazil the band is ready to set the world on fire with the release of their new album "Minotaur" worldwide on February 23rd!
Minotaur has been recorded at Littlecreek Studio (Switzerland), (Destruction, Pro Pain, Pänzer..) produced, mixed and mastered by V.O. Pulver and Gonoreas.

De la presse:

I actually fell in love from the time i pressed play, first that intro. It took me on a trip to the middle east and Greece and i sat there and thought eumm ok this is good, sounds good….Then bang! SURPRISED! I was taken on the couch! Something unexpected came suddenly out of my headphones as that intro had totally fooled me. There, Suddenly came the sound of true pure metal of a vocalist awesome vocals and these guitarists!! I dropped my chin in the table of what i heard. WOW true metal, true old school metal and these guys can riff, shred and solo away in fast tempo like there was no tomorrow and his high pitched metal screaming vocal range make me say i am out of words. Very technically skilled band. Impressive!! You wont be disappointed what you will hear from the time you press play. Their whole album package is a gem with metal true power and energy of Judas priest-ish style and vocal ranges classical old NWOBHM style a la influential of Iron Maiden-ish style a la Bruce Dickingson of high pitched loud vocal ranges of catchy refrains and sing along lyrical songs without be a copy cat, well i think you get it!, he sure do his own thing but you hear influences of who he is impressed of that vocalist and you cannot help yourself that the vocals get stuck like a prisoner in your head too, not to talk about their guitars. It makes you want to go into air guitaring yourself and you cannot decide if you gonna air drumming or air guitaring so you look like an idiot probably whilst you trying to do both at the same time. I strongly recommend this album. A True PURE Metal album! this is No nonsence metal. This is the real deal!! Ohh i longed to hear bands do metal this way, new bands, old bands and therefor Gonoreas won my heart so my music critique Wacken Metal Battle chairman Jury ears and gotten themselves a new fan all the way from Sweden! ME! Great job guys of Gonoreas as i am not very easily flirtdated at all. A band must have IT of the TRUE classical metal sound so a production that impresses me to even impress me a bit and make me become their fan! Keep up the great riffing solos and true metal vocal high-pitched ranged work so the galloping sound of guitars and hard bashing drumming and your dedication you show trough your production work and i will remain galopping around with you! VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! THIS IS REAL AND GENUINE TRUE METAL!! NOT SOME MODERN POP JUNK FAKE METAL MOST NEW GENERATIONAL BANDS TRY TO MAKE THESE DAYS BELIVING THEY CREATING METAL AND CALLING IT SO!! I AM OF THE OLD GENERATION OF THE 80’s TEENS TO NOT EVEN BE IMPRESSED OF THAT! RATHER THE OPPOSITE! TURNED OFF!! BUT GONOREAS WOW!! THIS IS PURE AND TRUE METAL ON METAL! HAIL GONOREAS!!, A BAND THAT NOT HAS LOST TOUCH AND MAKES SURE TO KEEP THE METAL STILL PURE AND TRUE AS THEY WAS BORN ONCE TO DO! LEARN YOU CHILDREN BY GONOREAS HOW REAL METAL SHALL SOUND!!! RATE: 4/5. War Metal Sweden – Wictoria Olofsson. (

Liste des titres
1. Bloodstone
2. Seeds Of A New Future
3. Puzzle
4. Eris
5. Price Of Eternity
6. Fragments
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