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DAWN OF DISEASE Ascension gate

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DAWN OF DISEASE - Ascension gate
  • CD - 7,99 EUR
  • Numéro d'article:262299
  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Death Metal
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Riffgewalten, Blastbeat-Hurricanes & unerbittlicher Groove!

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Since 2003 DAWN OF DISEASE have rumbled their way to the top as heavy weights of Germany's Death Metal scene. Themen from Osnabrück indulge some old school Swedish groove and raspy riffs: Bloodbath and At The Gates provide modern inspiration for aural inclinations of DAWN OF DISEASE. However, their newest production won't enjoy the well-tried manginess of long forgotten Death Metal days. The brand new album "Ascension Gate" goes a different way with enthralling guitar work, enchanting management of melodies and brilliant tone. A hurricane of blastbeat drumming and the gigantic gargling of Tomasz Wisniewski spark a fire that forges their spirit. After trying times of line up changes they finally found their final form in 2009. Since then, they've released the monstrous records "Legends Of Brutality" and "Crypts Of The Unrotten” and most recently, they set a new standard for the expanding Swedish Death Metal scene with "Worship The Grave". But they won't boil up half-baked vintage sentiments. This is the new era of modern Death Metal. Their output proves them right: just one year after their last epos "Ascension Gate" appears - their fourth hail of bombs full of volatile riff power.
Volatile riff power & blastbeat hurricanes : This is the new era of modern Death Metal!

Tomasz Wisniewski – Vocals
Lukas Kerk – Guitars
Oliver Kirchner – Guitars
Christian Wösten – Bass
Mathias Blässe – Drums

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Passage 2:49
2 - Perimortal 4:29
3 - Leprous Thoughts 3:21
4 - Beneath The Waters 5:32
5 - Ascension Gate 5:10
6 - Akephalos 4:34
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