CALIBAN Elements

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CALIBAN - Elements
  • CD - 14,99 EUR
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  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Metalcore/Deathcore, Modern Metal/Rock
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“Elements“ is an album that is showing every aspect and part of what CALIBAN’s music is made of: From the neck-breaking “This Is War” and the raging “Ich blute für Dich” via the catchy “Intoxicated” and the multilayered tunes of “Before Later Becomes Never” to the soaring melodies of “Masquerade” and a frantic oath, entitled “Carry on”, CALIBAN has something up their collective sleeves for every single one of their diverse fans. Like on previous albums the band invited friends and like-minded people to take over guest-vocals for several of their songs: “Ich blute für Dich” features Matthi from Nasty and Sushi from Eskimo Callboy, for “Before Later Becomes Never” CJ McMahon from heavyweights Thy Art Is Murder laid down some crushing growls while you can hear Brian “Head” Welch on “Masquerade”.

“Elements” was produced by the tried and tested duo Benny Richter and guitarist Marc Görtz with additional input coming from Andy Posdziech (Any Given Day), Sebastian “Sushi” Biesler and Callan Orr (Dream On Dreamer). Afterwards all songs were recorded and mixed by Marc Görtz in his Nemesis Studios and mastered by Olman Viper.

Andreas Dörner - Vocals
Marc Görtz - Guitar
Denis Schmidt - Guitar & Vocals
Marco Schaller - Bass
Patrick Grün - Drums

Liste des titres Durée
1 - This Is War 3:02
2 - Intoxicated 4:07
3 - Ich blute für Dich 3:57
4 - Before Later Becomes Never 4:15
5 - Set Me Free 4:36
6 - My Madness 3:51
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