ONSLAUGHT Live at the slaughterhouse

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ONSLAUGHT - Live at the slaughterhouse
  • CD-Digi + DVD - 6,99 EUR
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  • Format:CD-Digi + DVD
  • Genre:Thrash Metal
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Der Mittschnitt der beiden Shows in Bristol und London: 13 Thrash Metal-Klassiker für alle Sinne!

Plus d'info:

UK thrashers ONSLAUGHT have become one of THE bands that are now synonymous with the brilliance of and endurance of
today’s thrash movement and it is to the delight of fans and critics around the world when the band announces the release of a new record. In this case it’s not a proper new album, so let’s see what fans think of that great live output.
Now, after over 6 years since their last visual release, they bring out a product called “Live At The Slaughterhouse”, which
captures the still intensively fascinating live atmosphere of two gigs in the UK (Bristol and London) on DVD and additional CD.
The band is playing a set of 13 thrashing songs which is appreciably infecting the audience and, perpetuated in this special release, the remarkable live power of ONSLAUGHT will give you goose bumps on every spot on your body.

Line Up:
Sy Keeler - Vocals
Nige Rockett - Guitar
Leigh Chambers - Guitar
Jeff Williams - Bass
Mic Hourihan - Drums

Disc 1
Liste des titres Durée
1 - The sound of violence
2 - Killing peace
3 - Chaos is king
4 - Let there be death
5 - Children of the sand
6 - Rest in pieces
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Disc 2
Liste des titres Durée
1 - The sound of violence 5:13
2 - Killing peace 3:32
3 - Chaos is king 4:23
4 - Let there be death 5:47
5 - Children of the sand 6:32
6 - Rest in pieces 4:55
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