VENOM At war with Satan

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VENOM - At war with Satan
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  • Genre:Black Metal
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"At war with Satan" is the third album by extreme metal pioneers VENOM, released in April 1984. Though neither of their first two albums had sold in very large quantities (even by heavy metal standards), by 1983 VENOM had become simply impossible to ignore. To be sure, their exceedingly Satanic posturing wasn't nearly as shocking as it was cartoonish, and their impenetrable dirge of embryonic black metal only helped fuel the metal community's interest in the band.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - At war with Satan 19:55
2 - Rip ride 3:08
3 - Genocide 2:58
4 - Cry wolf 4:18
5 - Stand up (and re counted) 3:29
6 - Women, leather and hell 3:20
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