VAMPIRE With primeval force

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VAMPIRE - With primeval force
  • CD-Digi - 16,99 EUR
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  • Genre:Death Metal
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The long awaited second album from one of Sweden's hottest young death metal bands!

VAMPIRE’s cob-webbed, moon-burned brand of death metal stems from not just one circle of Hell but all nine. The Swedes are just as influenced by MERCYFUL FATE and SLAYER as they are informed by SARCOFAGO and BATHORY. Likewise, traces of AUTOPSY, MASTER'S HAMMER, and, of course, POSSESSED are evident. But VAMPIRE aren’t an old-school act because revisiting the classics is modish. No, they genuinely feel present-day death metal is lacking spirit, is without presence, and has lost its eccentricity. So, they’ve robbed the aesthetics of Hammer Horror films, absorbed the pneuma of their favorite metal bands, imbued it all with nostalgia for mysterious times long past, and have come out on the other side as VAMPIRE.

Cover Artwork by Nicholas Blake Keller
The booklet will have exclusive drawings for each song by Jonathan Hultén (TRIBULATION)

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Knights of the burning crypt 4:47
2 - He who speaks 3:26
3 - Metamorphosis 3:53
4 - Skull prayer 2:20
5 - Midnight trial 4:46
6 - Revenants 6:14
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