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Legend has it that Valient Thorr crash landed on our lovely planet in 2000 – hailing from Venus and set to destroy humanity with pretty badass rawk`n`roll!!!! There`s also a pretty bullshit version of the story locating family Thorr in North Carolina – but whatever. The rowdy bunch has recorded six studio albums so far and played numerous shows with luminaries such as Mastodon, Clutch and Joan Jett. It would then be rather silly to change the game plan now with Old salt: infernally dirty rock from outer space (or some shoddy garage in North Carolina, suit yourself), explosiveness a la MC5, sweetest Thin Lizzy shredding and an attitude that would humble Iggy Pop!

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Mirakuru 4:06
2 - Lil Knife 3:48
3 - Cut And Run 4:19
4 - No Count Blues 3:17
5 - The Trudge 5:21
6 - Worm Up 5:46
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