TRISTANIA Darkest white

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TRISTANIA - Darkest white
  • CD-Digi - 4,99 EUR
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  • Genre:Gothic, Symphonic Metal
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The Gothic Metal pioneers return with their latest masterpiece!

The Norwegian Gothic Metal pioneers revolving around charismatic frontlady Mariangela Demurtars have the gift to combine heavy tunes with emotional finesse. This combination was brought to perfection on "Darkest White", which was produced by Christer André Cederberg (e.g. ANATHEMA). He gives the album a new level of depth and brilliance. The latest longplayer is filled with numerous details, diverse arrangements, a great atmosphere, beautiful melodies and hooks, and just the right amount of heaviness. The fantastic voices of Mariangela and Østen are the perfect match and crown the catchy riffs and the imaginary soundscapes. The modern sound of the new songs combined with the playfulness of the musicians, will take every Gothic Metal fan by storm. Mariangela delivers the best vocal work of her career and is undoubtedly part of the leading women in the Metal genre. Everything a Gothic Metal fan may desire can be found on this album. Who already loved the predecessor "Rubicon", will fall head over heels for "Darkest White".

Mariangela Demurtas (vocals)
Kjetil Nordhus (vocals)
Anders Høyvik Hidle (guitars and vocals)
Ole Vistnes (bass and backing vocals)
Gyri Losnegaard (guitars)
Einar Moen (keys)
Tarald Lie (drums)

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Number 4:45
2 - Darkest White 3:25
3 - Himmelfall 5:48
4 - Requiem 5:29
5 - Diagnosis 5:02
6 - Scarling 5:18
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