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On their fourth album, Blood, THEN COMES SILENCE boast a remarkable energy, some kind of longing ode to the inevitable doom that somehow makes life worth living. Bearable. “The Dead Cry For No One“ is a rather programmatic opener – a flickering, impelling post punk mantra that suggests every dilemma must somehow end one day. THEN COMES SILENCE unabashedly flirt with death and suffering, force a grin from the grim reaper himself in the shadows of the atomic collapse. Who would`ve thought the apocalypse could be so darn sexy?

That there lies beauty in death has been a well-established fact even way before the SISTERS OF MERCY came along. Just like those 80s goth icons, THEN COMES SILENCE tell their morbid, eerie tales full of death and ecstasy, mourning and euphoria. ”Ever since my childhood days I felt drawn to the darkness“, admits Svenson. ”I live right next to a graveyard – to me, this is the ideal spot for a walk before I start writing a song.” Humid earth, fog-enshrouded graves, ravens and worms – these are the symbols riddling the THEN COMES SILENCE songs. For Svenson they are so much more than the insignias of a genre that burst forth one of his favorite bands, KILLING JOKE. “I was in the midst of songwriting for this album when my father passed away“, he reveals. “This pushed the songs in another direction that helped me to cope with the loss. He lived far away and wasn`t exactly a role model when it comes to our contact. I miss him, but sometimes I meet him in my dreams.” The feverish, surreal song “Good Friday” tells of these encounters between life and death – a skillful walk through a monochromatic world.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - The Dead Cry For No One 3:45
2 - Flashing Pangs Of Love 2:34
3 - Strange Kicks 3:37
4 - My Bones 3:39
5 - In Leash 3:45
6 - Choose Your Poison 2:54
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