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Pour les fans de BLACK SABBATH - "Motherload", l'album Doom/Stoner de 2014!

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After the release of their fantastic and critically acclaimed full length "Evil Deeds" and the split 7" with their label mates MONKEY3, THE GRAVIATORS return with their latest studio effort "Motherload". The brilliant vintage analog sound combines the Hard Rock of the Seventies with a good dose of Doom Metal and Stoner Rock. For the very first time, THE GRAVIATORS pay homage to their cultural heritage. The result is the song "Leifs Last Breath / Dance of the Valkyrie". It is an epic track that could have been written by Quorthon (BATHORY) himself. The songs give off an occult vibe that mainly results from the enthralling vocals. A special bonus is the re-recording of "Druid´s Ritual", a classic from the band’s back catalogue. The song clocks in at almost 14min and is a testament to the band’s brilliance. "Motherload" is an impressive Doom Stoner Metal album filled with highlights and will elevate THE GRAVIATORS from being an insider’s tip to the top of the scene.

After Black Sabbath genius album "13" last year; "Motherload" is the Doom/Stoner Highlight of 2014!

Niklas Sjöberg: Vocals
Martin Fairbanks: Guitar
Johan Holm: Bass
Henrik Bergman: Drums

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Leifs Last Breath / Dance Of The Valkyrie 5:48
2 - Narrow Minded Bastards 6:15
3 - Bed Of Bitches 5:19
4 - Tigress Of Siberia 8:36
5 - Lost Lord 10:48
6 - Corpauthority 7:52
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