SKALMÖLD Börn loka

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SKALMÖLD - Börn loka
  • CD - 6,99 EUR
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  • Format:CD
  • Genre:Viking/Pagan/Epic Metal
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Viking Metal d'Islande.

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SKÁLMÖLD did not bask in the fame earned for their highly acclaimed debut "Baldur", but started to work on new songs immediately after returning from their tour. "Börn Loka" ("Loki’s children") is a concept album that focuses on the story of the siblings Hilmar and Brynhildur. In order to achieve honor as a Viking warrior, Hilmar has to embark on a perilous journey, fight terrifying beasts and possibly make the biggest sacrifice imaginable. SKÁLMÖLD’s characteristic Viking Metal serves as the soundtrack for this journey. This time, the Icelandic musicians even added a classical choir and the unique voice of Edda Tegeder (Angist) to their rich soundscapes. The raw yet melodic tunes combined with the epic story of Hilmar results in a sweeping mix that goes right under skin and captivates the listener’s imagination. The artwork was done by Samuli Ponsimaa (Finntroll) who translates the mood of the story beautifully into the visual medium. "Börn Loka" is an original and profound longplayer, that fills the legends of the North with new life!

Baldur Ragnarsson - Guitar and vocals
Björgvin Sigurðsson - Vocals and guitar
Gunnar Ben - Keyboards, oboe and vocals
Jón Geir Jóhannsson - Drums and vocals
Snæbjörn Ragnarsson - Bass and vocals
Þráinn Árni Baldvinsson - Guitar and vocals

De la presse:

1. Óðinn
2. Sleipnir
3. Gleipnir
4. Fenrisúlfur
5. Himinhrjóður
6. Miðgarðsormur
7. Narfi
8. Hel
9. Váli
10. Loki
11. Eldur (Fire) / part 4 of Millennium Songs (Bonus Track)

Liste des titres Durée
1 - ??inn 2:11
2 - Sleipnir 6:28
3 - Gleipnir 4:02
4 - Fenrisúlfur 5:37
5 - Himinhrjó?ur 2:08
6 - Mi?gar?sormur 5:20
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