SIRENIA Arcane astral aeons

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SIRENIA - Arcane astral aeons
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  • Genre:Symphonic Metal
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Limited first edition digipak incl. bonus track.

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Two years after "Dim Days Of Dolor" mastermind Morten Veland presents the ninth Sirenia album: "Arcane Astral Aeons" once more reflects the Norwegian's love for title alliterations and succeeds in infusing the darkest night with the brightest colors. Who could resist a symphonic, unbridled opener like "In Styx Embrace" Singer Emmanuelle Zoldan's ethereal mezzo-soprano voice connects all 11 varied and spirited compositions: the insanely melodic "Into The Night" impressively showcases her abilities and flows into the catchy "Love Like Cyanide" that`s not even afraid to employ a small handful of black metal trademarks. Danish producer legend Jacob Hansen managed to harmonize Sirenia's more soothing side with edgy metal sounds and delivers a perfectly balanced wild ride. The most compelling release so far courtesy of Morten Veland!

Guitar/Vocals - Morten Veland
Vocals - Emmanuelle Zoldan
Guitar - Jan Erik Soltvedt
Drums - Nils Courbaron

Liste des titres Durée
1 - In Styx Embrace 6:02
2 - Into The Night 4:41
3 - Love Like Cyanide 5:49
4 - Desire 5:15
5 - Asphyxia 5:38
6 - Queen Of Lies 3:55
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