SCORPIONS Animal magnetism

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SCORPIONS - Animal magnetism
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ANIMAL MAGNETISM: The high quality Digipack includes the newly remastered original album tracks and the additional songs “Hey You” and the hitherto unreleased outtake “American Girls”. ANIMAL MAGNETISM became another milestone-release for the Scorpions, the first one to reach platinum status in the USA and so establishing the band firmly among the greats of rock music. The album is all about high energy, intensity, aggression, superb guitar riffs, and the freedom taken to explore different musical directions. The equally brilliant pieces “Another Piece of Meat” and “Twentieth Century Man” are further cases in point. This is also the first album on which Matthias Jabs left a real mark. He co-wrote 'Don't make no Promises (Your Body can't keep)' with Hermann Rarebell and his inspired and technically excellent guitar playing added spice and flavour to the songs.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Make It Real (2015 Remaster) 3:50
2 - Don't Make No Promises (Your Body Can't Keep) (2015 Remaster) 2:58
3 - Hold Me Tight (2015 Remaster) 3:58
4 - Twentieth Century Man (2015 Remaster) 3:03
5 - Lady starlight (2015 Remaster) 6:16
6 - Falling In Love (2015 Remaster) 4:11
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