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Le digipak limité vient avec un "obi" original japonais!

Plus d'info:

RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR is a young thrash band whose spirit was born in the back alleys of 1980’s Shibuya. Indeed, Japanese culture, mangas and its »Furyos« all blend into RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR 's sound. Through its lyrics, music and imagery, the band created itself a unique identity, bringing together 90's New York Hardcore, Shonen manga and contemporary metal.

To bring this world to the stage, while advocating integrity and ethics, RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR plays live wearing Gakurans, the Japanese school uniform. The band members are dressed in black, wear white shoes, but the singer has never shown his face; a black shadow is cast over is identity.

RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR releases its first 5 tracks EP entitled »Tokyo Assault« in January 2010 and sells 1000 copies (now sold out) without any label support or media coverage. Fueled by the metal community’s positive reaction to their music and original world, RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR is rapidly propelled into the French and European touring circuit.

The first official video ‘Protect Ya Chest’ (unreleased song at that time and only available as a music video) is unveiled in February 2011 and is viewed 15.000 times in just one week. The track lays down the ground for the impressive Buzz that would quickly spread among the European Hardcore community. It has been viewed more than 700,000 times to this day.

May 2011: RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR initiates the ‘Protect Ya Chest’ campaign through its bandcamp page, in reaction to the triple cataclysm that hit Japan on March 11th of the same year, and records the song ‘Pheonix’ in order to raise money for the Red Cross. The song is released June 20th along with a new music video. A few days later, the video has been viewed tens of thousands of times. In retrospect, it is undeniable that the Phoenix project has been a key step in strengthening the bond between the band and the empire of the rising sun. The music video has now reaches 1 Million total plays on YouTube.
End of October 2011. RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR sets of for its first European tour: 26 days, 24 shows, bringing the band through Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium and France. The tour was a true success, the band having played most shows as the headliner and moreover to massively packed venues.

After a year spent playing and writing material, the band releases a new EP entitled »Demonstrating My Saiya Style« in January 2012, still self-produced and independently distributed. The record is released as a single CD for the world and as a special Japanese 2 CDs pack (including the new DMSS EO + »Tokyo Assault«) through the indie distribution network “Retribution Records”. It has sold out the first 2.000 physical printed copies, and scored a smashing Number 3 in the Amazon mp3 charts on its week of release.

The first excerpt from the new record, »Sound Of Wolves« makes an unprecedented statement: The video smashed the number of views in record time (25k views in 24 hours, 500K views 12 months later) and quickly brings RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR to the next level. It’s followed by an impressive number of blaring shows in Europe, which leads to the very first Japanese tour in August of the same year.

The band is quickly made fanatical by the Japanese crowds, whose response to a band that is 100% underground and 100% DIY is absolutely laudatory. This Japanese Tour is immortalized in the band’s latest music video ‘Demonstrating My Saiya Style’ (which was shot on site, and which has once again outgunned and outnumbered the views of the band’s previous music videos with 30K views in the first 24 hours!).

In January 2013, the band is just back from an Asian Tour (China/Taiwan) and takes time away from the scene in order to write its first album…

Early 2014, RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR is freshly out of the studio with 11 tracks of their signature sound under the arm. Having worked with influential bands such as HATEBREED, MADBALL, or EMMURE; acclaimed producer Zeuss was chosen to mix and master the record in the U.S. The end result is a rough 50 minutes of crushing thrash riffing, Hip-Hop vibes, Hardcore breakdowns and pure 90s grooves, lyrically fuelled by the universe of Shonen Manga.

The first track off the new record is titled »Welcame [Furyo State of mind]« and its video was shot in Japan during the band’s last tour of the country in early 2014. The follow up track is a classic Hip Hop cover, ‘Simon Says’ initially interpreted by PHAROAHE MONCH. This song demonstrates once again the band's love of the 90s musical scene in its every aspect.

A few months down the road, Vithia (vocals) decided to set up his own label: Repression Records, to represent the band. While touring and destroying some of the most prestigious festival stages in the summer of 2014, RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR caught the attention of Nuclear Blast Records at the Summer Breeze festival in Germany. After initially launching a DIY campaign to put out its first record, the band, through its structure Repression Records, inks a deal with Nuclear Blast and announces a global release for its debut LP in November 2014.

Watch out Tokyo, RISE OF THE NORTHSTAR’s reign is getting closer.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - What the fuck 5:45
2 - Welcame (Furyo state of mind) 4:19
3 - The new path 3:58
4 - Samurai spirit 3:35
5 - Dressed all in black 4:43
6 - Again and again 4:31
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