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REVERIE - Wandel
  • CD-Digi - 3,33 EUR
  • Numéro d'article:191802
  • Format:CD-Digi
  • Genre:Gothic, Rock/Alternative, Symphonic Metal
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Dark rock et metal - le premier pressing limité vient en format digipak avec trois chansons bonus.

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From the mind of the multi-talented Max Leonhardt, RÊVERIE is the latest shining star on the dark rock/metal horizon. Songs such as "Mond", "Sommer" and "Ewigkeit" embrace a musical and lyrical melancholy carrried by dreamy piano arragements, intense riffs, and diversified vocals. Notwithstanding, the band never loses sight of its metallic roots, mounting a full-fledged attack of blastbeats and black metal vocals on tracks like "Hexe". Max Leonhardt's signature songwriting wholistictly unites the rugged world of metal with soulful elements to create appealing and passionate songs. The single "Mond" surprises with an extraordinary and unexpected voice: Michael Rhein, a.k.a. "Das letzte Einhorn" (IN EXTREMO), used his characteristic vocals to give the song a special touch. Thomas Heimann-Trosien, known for his work with SCHANDMAUL and SALTATIO MORTIS, took on the album's production. RÊVERIE undoubtedly profited from his expertise, since "Wandel" sounds off with an intrinsic heaviness, in which the fine details of each and every arrangement shine through. With this latest album, the band lives up to its fine reputation, while delivering a magical dream world of sensuality and emotion. The limited first edition digipack includes 3 bonus tracks!
A passionate and aggressive masterpiece! Dark Metal!

Max Leonhardt - Gesang, Gitarre
David Mrohs - Lead-Gitarre
Niels Luft - Bass
Martin Nigbur – Drums

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Sturm 5:13
2 - Heliodromus 3:55
3 - Nebel 4:53
4 - Mond 4:28
5 - Sommer 5:07
6 - Hexe 5:05
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