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Trouver plus de PELANDER

Le digipak limité inclut une piste bonus! Après "Nucleus" de WITCHCRAFT, chanteur Magnus Pelander présente son solo album "Time"!

De la presse:

"Magnus Pelander (WITCHCRAFT) on the course of bands like COMUS, JETHRO TULL and BLACK SABBATH (‚Solitude‘). Acoustic, gloomy and moving – WITCHCRAFT frontman Magnus Pelander celebrates psychedelic folk in its most insistent form."
ECLIPSED | Mike Borrink

"WITCHCRAFT’s stoner doom stripped down sounds great as well: Frontman Magnus Pelander and his acoustic guitar show a fragile, vulnerable side. His unadorned bonfire ballads emit a melancholic, folky, doomy charme and don’t try to cover up any flaws but show them in all of their modesty. Right on!"
VISIONS | Dennis Drögemüller

"WITCHCRAFT singer Magnus Pelander’s first pure acoustic solo album closes the gap between LED ZEPPELIN’s folk and VAN MORRISON‘s mystique with scandinavian melancholy!"
CLASSIC ROCK | Jörg Staude

"With nothing but an acoustic guitar WITCHCRAFT mastermind Magnus Pelander creates insistent, mystic soundscapes that are in no way inferior to his main band’s addictive distorted monster riffs!"
GUITAR | Alexander Pozniak

"The profound and tremendously personal solo album of an exceptional artist!"
LEGACY | Christian Wachter

"Like the soundtrack from the Woodstock movie. It just can’t get any more 60ies!"
RCN | Wolfram Hanke

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Umbrella 5:26
2 - Family song 3:43
3 - The irony of man 4:29
4 - True colour 8:55
5 - Precious swan 9:52
6 - Time 4:15
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