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Le CD Digipack »Vanitas«

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German Dark Metal pioneers NACHTBLUT will release their sixth studio album "Vanitas" on October 2nd 2020. The listener will be drawn into the band's musical maelstrom in a classifying NACHTBLUT manner: hard riffs, Askeroth's incisive vocals, rousing melodies and profound, candid lyrics. Three years after the previous album "Apostasie" was released, NACHTBLUT returns with even more vigor and might. "Das Puppenhaus" (engl. the dollhouse) is reminiscent of scene giants such as RAMMSTEIN, with brutally honest lyrics and rhythmic guitars. "Die Toten vergessen nicht" (engl. the dead don’t forget) shines with an unmistakably dark and orchestral sound that will cause shivers to run down the listener’s spine. While the folk-influenced song "Leierkinder" (engl. children of the lyre) convinces with an addictive rhythms and moving lyrics that will carry the listener away to days of yore. With "Vanitas", these dark metal giants create a symbolic work of art somewhere between transience and infinity.

Askeroth - Vocals
Ablaz - Bass
Skoll - Drums
Greif - Guitar

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Veritas 1:02
2 - Vanitas 6:32
3 - Leierkinder 4:00
4 - Das Puppenhaus 5:21
5 - Kaltes Herz 4:30
6 - Nur in der Nacht 3:22
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