Origin of extinction

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MORTILLERY - Origin of extinction
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Thrash Metal fans should fasten their seatbelt, as the universally praised debut "Murder Death Kill" was merely the beginning and just the calm before the storm. Without a single warning, all hell breaks loose on the new album "Origin of Extinction" and MORTILLERY leaves nothing but a path of destruction in their wake. Posers beware, because the band from Edmonton riffs through the new songs with a deadly precision. This is the powerful meeting point of aggression and melody! The drums give the songs a deadly groove by providing a hellish tempo. Vocalist Cara seems to have gargled with razor blades ? rarely has one heard such brutal vocals! "Origin of Extinction" is the album that elevates MORTILLERY from the status of an insiders? tip to the next league of Thrash Metal!

De la presse:

1. Battle March
2 No Way Out
3. Cease to Exist
4. Creature possessor
5. Seen in Death
6. Feed the Fire
7. The Hunters' Lair
8. F.O.A.D.
9. Maniac
10. Sunday Morning Slasher
11. Evil Invaders (Razor Cover) (Bonus Track)
12. Mad House (Anthrax Cover) (Bonus Track)
13. Angel Witch (Angel Witch Cover) (Bonus Track)

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Battle March 2:26
2 - No Way Out 5:25
3 - Cease To Exist 5:24
4 - Creature Possessor 4:32
5 - Seen In Death 3:41
6 - Feed The Fire 3:39
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