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The mighty grindcore goats from planet GoatEBorg have returned! Ever since brothers Goatfreed and Goatleeb Udder decided in 2008 to form a band in order to teach us silly earthlings how extreme music is done, this place hasn`t been the same. Meanwhile, MILKING THE GOATMACHINE have released three studio albums: “Back from the goats” (2009), “Seven…a dinner for one” (2010) and “Clockwork udder” (2011).

Now they are back for goat! With „Stallzeit“ the band sets new standards. An amazing concept album. The killer production really nails it to the point, it´s a hard-slamming, riff-sh*tting, grind shouting record with a massive wall of guitars, goatdowns, mosh parts and ferocity. A true fest of grind/death with a twist of nonsense and craziness, the trademark of them goats.

The band comments:
„The album will be, like all other MTG albums, a concept album. The topics are the experiences that we`ve made on your planet and how we narrate everything to our Goatlord on planet`s effectively a goat diary! The song "When a Goat loves a Woman" for example describes the difficulty when you receive a phone number from an earth-doe and you try to dial the number with hooves on your touchscreen smart phone... Musically we stayed true to ourselves and we grind down everything that we are up against.“

2013 the band is already confirmed for EXTREMEFEST Germany, BEASTIVAL Germany and METALFEST Germany. Plus, the goats will be playing a few selected release shows around the album release.

Liste des titres Durée
1 - Only Goat Can Judge Me 3:38
2 - Goatriders In The Sky 2:34
3 - Stallzeit 3:21
4 - 3 Room Shed 1:37
5 - Goatpainter 2:37
6 - The Day I Lost My Bell 2:13
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