Milking in blasphemy

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MILKING THE GOATMACHINE - Milking in blasphemy
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Back for goat! The goats from outer space just discovered black metal...

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MILKING THE GOATMACHINE goes black & white!
You've read correctly. After a much too long pause prescribed by well-paid psychiatrists, the hoofs scowle in the goat's stable again! The horned guys say themselves: "The voices in our heads are raging and we have lost the control over ourselves. We are bubbling over with ideas and energy." The pause was definitely a mistake because there is something fishy at the grange. Rumours say the devil himself has found his way into MILKING THE GOATMACHINE and planted diabolic thoughts between the horns of the quadrupeds. A first exorcism, held by a young catholic priest, failed and all hopes
were gone in a blast beat thunder. Encapsulated from the public and influenced by the religious interventions, the madness spread even further in the goat's stable. But there is light on the horizon of mental health – the goats have found a way to pay hommage to their new king and to create a valve for the voices in their heads:
"Milking in Blasphemy"! In the cold darkness at the Farm Of Northern Darkness, an opus has arisen as an hommage for the horned himself. A musical version of the reverence for the only true adversary. An album that shows MILKING THE GOATMACHINE as true henchman of the satanic madness and their new God shows himself gracious with them. Not only that he ensures that NoiseArt Records will release this dark madness to the unworthy masses, no, he also sends them on an extensive inquistion together with their allies Varg under the "Wolfsfest" banner in spring. Watch for your sweethearts, pray to a God of your choice, but run, run as soon as you hear the stomping hooves of MILKING THE GOATMACHINE in the streets – their is no grace on "Milking In Blasphemy".

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1. Farm Of Northern Darkness
2. Nemesis Bettina
3. Straw Bale Apocalypse
4. Milking In Blasphemy
5. Add The Horn Of Winter
6. Freezing Hoof
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